Keen to get moving, but not sure where to begin? Join STIC!

Countless medical studies have shown that maintaining mobility as we get older helps our brains as well as our bodies, but active aging is about so much more than science.

Our clients have told us how being able to walk to the shops, or venture out with friends and family, has a positive impact on their mental well-being – especially their confidence.

Lucinda and Rosy

Like 89-year-old Rosy, who fell and fractured her hip, needing carers to visit her several times each day. Having been very active before her fall, Rosy missed being able to go out for meals, to the theatre, and to the cinema with friends.

Her Alzheimer’s meant that Rosy’s family were very concerned she would be unable to continue living at home on her own.

Tamara, our specialist Reablement Physiotherapist went to Rosy’s home to assess her balance and strength. Tamara found practical ways to help Rosy and provided reassurance for her family.

Rosy began some seated exercises with the help of our Therapy Assistant, Lucinda, and progressed to standing exercises for balance and stamina, including the use of ankle weights. Rosy has gradually increased the distance she can walk without holding on.

In just three months, a person aged between 65 and 95 years old can rejuvenate 20 years of lost strength – if they keep moving!

After just 8 sessions with Lucinda, Rosy’s walking speed had increased by 50% and her muscle strength had increased by 20%.

She can now walk around her home without using her frame and climb a flight of stairs, so she’s looking forward to heading into town for a coffee!

Rosy is now ready to attend weekly STIC Group (Strength To Increase Confidence) sessions, in Marlow on Friday afternoons from 2-3pm. These Dementia-friendly weekly classes will help Rosy maintain her functional fitness and allow her to continue living independently for longer.

From a physical perspective, staying active can help to maintain bone density, reduce breathlessness and stiffness, and make everyday tasks infinitely easier. Whether it’s playing with grandchildren, enjoying a bath, or doing the gardening, your strength, stamina, dexterity and balance can all be improved.

It’s never too late to start

Research has shown that older people who take part in exercise for three hours per week, or more, are three times less likely to suffer a heart attack.

Even if you haven’t exercised for years, increasing your activity levels can significantly reduce the risk of falls and fractures and improve your mood, memory and sleep. As long as you keep moving, the benefits will last for years to come!

outside walk

At STIC sessions you’ll be part of a supportive group of people all motivated to keep living independently for longer.

Guided by our team of Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists, you’ll work through exercises focused on rebuilding your strength and “functional fitness” – such as increasing the time you can stand and transitioning yourself from sitting to standing.

As well as practicing movements in comfortable surroundings, you’ll have the chance to share your personal goals and any mobility concerns with our friendly healthcare experts. Once you’ve been seen by one of our therapists, we’ll create a personalised plan to get you moving more – building activity into your daily routine.

STIC Group costs £15 per session and includes a free 1-to-1 Functional Fitness MOT (normally £60) PLUS practical tips to take home each week. Feel free to bring your stick, your walking frame, or a friend for support!

To book your FREE Functional Fitness MOT and register for STIC group, please contact the team.