Dr Michael Pascoe is 93 and a resident at Beaconsfield Heights care home, part of the Avery Collection. After a number of falls, Michael embarked on a physical rehabilitation programme to improve his strength and balance, with the help of the Horizon team.

“We are so proud of the hard work he has put in and the progress Michael has made.”

Michael uses his frame to get around

The challenge…

In April 2022, Michael spent three months in hospital, spending most of that time in bed. He became extremely weak and frail and unable to do many of the things he could before. His family were worried about how much independence he would be able to recover.

Prior to his hospital stay, Michael lived alone in bungalow, with regular visits from carers. He used a four-wheeled walker for outside mobility, and a stick or frame indoors.

Unfortunately, Michael was knocked down by a car, causing him to break his femur. After this initial loss of mobility and hospitalisation, he began to fall more frequently. Bouts of illness had also made Michael a bit muddled and less able to follow instructions.

To help him to recuperate and to support him with his care needs, meals and domestic tasks, Michael became a resident at Beaconsfield Heights.

Challenge accepted!

Despite needing help from staff to move safely, Michael was keen to participate in social activities and motivated to carry out exercises that would help him regain some strength and independence. Enter the Horizon therapists!

Michael first saw Clare, our specialist physiotherapist. She visited him at the care home, assessed his needs and current level of mobility and took some baseline measures of his functional fitness.

Together, Clare and Michael looked for changes he could make to help reduce his risk of falls.

Goal setting

Clare helped Michael set himself targets to aim for. These included:

  • Short term goal: to be able to walk to the lift with his Zimmer frame (supervised by a staff member)
  • Medium term goal: to be able to walk to the bathroom and use the toilet independently and safely
  • Medium term goal: to stand equally on both legs without holding on
Clare encourages Michael to walk outdoors

Clare said:

“Michael’s ability to stand on both legs equally is key to him being able to carry out tasks standing up. Balancing on his lower limbs without upper limb support requires strength, stamina and confidence – all things that can be improved with the right exercises!”

You can book a home visit from Karen by calling the clinic or via our easy-to-use online booking system.

You don’t have to do it alone

To help Michael restore the level of mobility he aspired to, the Horizon team created a bespoke program of targeted strength and balance exercises.

When working to restore function, repetition and practice are key, but it’s not always safe or practical for someone to practice these alone.

With over 20 years’ expertise in reablement, the Horizon team are very experienced at striking the right balance between building independence and providing sufficient support to keep our patients safe.

Lucinda, our Therapy Assistant, was introduced to Michael to help him practice safely and effectively. It turns out they make a great team!

Lucinda visits Michael twice a week for practice sessions, with Clare attending at regular intervals to check his progress and challenge Michael to move onto the next stage.

Lucinda said:

“Michael is a shining example of how much can be achieved through movement therapy when you work with someone who is so determined! Even when you start out using moving and handling equipment and independence seems such a long way off, regular sessions bring about gradual improvements which make a really significant difference to the individual. Well done Michael!”

Practice makes perfect

Michael is making great progress towards his goals and can now walk from his room to the dining room with his four wheeled walker.

Clare and Lucinda have also helped him practice walking outside and getting in and out of a car so that he might go on trips out with his family.

We are so proud of the hard work he has put in and the progress he has made.

The Horizon team recently enjoyed chatting to Michael at the Beaconsfield Heights Summer fete, where he shared his life experiences and wisdom with us.

Michael talks to Karen and Lucinda